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Our infrastructure & technology

Our state-of-the-art infrainfrastructure is located at Kaithal, Haryana (150 minutes drive from Delhi). It is equipped with the latest machineries for complete processing of the rice, from milling and sorting to polishing and packaging. All the machineries, elevators and plants are completely dust proof and the entire operation area is absolutely hygienic.

The processing unit is equipped with advanced machineries of brands like Bhuler from Germany and Satake from Japan. A perfect combination of sophisticated machinery and trained workforce provide us an innate capability to meet bulk requirements of the clients within the stipulated time frame. We offer raw basmati rice, basmati rice producers, cooking rice, nutritional value rice, cooked rice, organic rice, vegetable rice, arborio rice, cooking basmati rice and many other varieties of rice.

infra 2The state-of-art processing plants for rice production have fully mechanized sophisticated procedures for different stage like de-moisturizing, temperature controlled drying, cleaning, de-husking de-stoning, polishing, sorting, grading.

The entire initial activities of processing, length grading, separators and de-husking are carried out in house to ensure the quality of the product to be up to global standard. The mill used colour sorter machines with computer based monitoring system that allows online tracking.

Facilities include the very latest in rice milling technology from M/s Buhler of England, Satake of Japan.

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